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Cardiac Care

The prerequisite of a successful cardiac care program? Successful collaboration between interdisciplinary specialties. Our custom & holistic plans of care merge oxygen monitoring, medication management, heart-healthy exercise, post-acute education & counseling and more to support a post-heart attack or CHF resident’s healthcare goals sustainably.

10-12 week cardiac program
Interdisciplinary specialists
Tech-optimized Therapy & exercise
Post-stay health education

Stroke Recovery Care

Recovering from a stroke is different for everyone. At Perkins Country Manor, we meet you where you are. From there, our goal is to get you back to your prime level of function. Our expert neurologists, OTs, PTs, speech therapists, and dietitians will work with you and alongside each other so that by the time you’re ready to leave, you’re moving swiftly and safely once again.

6-12 week program
Interdisciplinary therapies
Mind-muscle retraining
Dietary Programs

Pulmonary & Respiratory Care

For individuals suffering from ILD, asthma, or COPD, each breath is a struggle. Our intensive care respiratory program addresses the difficulties our residents have using a multidisciplinary approach that harnesses supportive breathing equipment, advanced treatments and more. We’re there for you until breathing comes to you as naturally as, well, breathing.

Respiratory therapy
Collaborative family meetings
Secure courtyard
Memory-geared therapies

Hospice & Respite Care

Sometimes, an end-of-life resident just wants compassion, care, and comfort. That’s where our hospice team steps in. With the ultimate dignity and respect, we take care of the patient physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and provide his family with much-needed support as well. Respite care is short-term, offering caregivers a much-needed break.

Respiratory therapy
Collaborative family meetings
Multisensory recreational rooms
Collaborative family meetings

Nursing & Therapy

Our warm and experienced nurses and therapists are trained to treat residents in a comprehensive array of modalities and specialties.

Restorative Nursing
Catheter Care
Pain Management
Medication Management
Wound Care
IV Antibiotics
IV Access
Colostomy Care

Cardiac Care

Pulmonary & Respiratory Care

IV Therapies

Lymphedema Care

Stroke Recovery Care

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Palliative Care

Diabetes Management

Hospice & Respite Care

Dietary Program


OT, PT, and Speech Therapy

Pharmacy Management

Complex/Post Surgical Care

Behavioral & Mental Care

Transitional Care Program

Post-Discharge Follow-Up

Wound Care & Management

Bariatric Care


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