People helping people through it. Together.

Our team takes
it personally.

You’ll feel it as soon as you step foot into our facility: Every member of our team takes their job – and your care – personally. Prepare to find yourself enveloped in care, compassion, and deep respect when you join the Perkins Country Manor Family!

Healthcare in sync
with your hospital.

With “preferred provider” status across the region, we collaborate closely with all of your acute care providers. That means that if your in-hospital doctor recommended it, we’re aligned with it – creating uninterrupted continuity of care and incredible outcomes.

There’s a you in

Family, friendship, and the joy of connection play a remarkable part in your healing process. That’s why we keep our doors wide open and maintain a steady flow of events that keep community members connected to Perkins Country Manor. We love you, Bracken Country!

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Bracken County-centered
specialty programs.

We’re here to help every member of Bracken County overcome their health hurdles with comfort and ease. Each program at Perkins Country Manor aligns with our community’s needs, from our respiratory therapy to our palliative care program..

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The smarter way home.

One step forward, no steps back. Our short-term rehabilitation is designed to get you feeling better safely and sustainably!


Healthcare that cares.

Our long-term residents enjoy acute provider-level care while surrounded by community and an upscale home environment.